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About Us

Get an accurate and personal scan from Pam Kapur, fully accredited Advanced Practitioner Sonographer registered with the HCPC and The Society of Radiographers.

Our Professional Baby Scanning Service

PAMS Pregnancy Ultrasound Centre was originally established in 2010 with the aim of offering baby scanning services in the Norwich and Norfolk area. The business was started by Pam Kapur, a professional trained sonographer with over 17 years experience in the NHS. She had found that many of her hospital clients wanted extra time and reassurance above and beyond what the health service were prepared to offer, so she decided to launch the private business.

Starting Scanning

Pam launched the business to provide care and reassurance to women and families in the early part of their pregnancies and throughout the journey to childbirth. She has always had a passion for helping people maintain health and well being. Following a successful career working as a dietician in India, she came to the UK in 1995 and re-trained in radiography due to a shortage of professional level sonographers as she wanted to work where she could make the biggest difference.

Gaining Experience

Working as part of an ultrasound team at the local NHS hospital, she performed thousands of pregnancy scans for new, expectant mothers on a daily basis. This became her specialist field and she gained the experience necessary for accurate analysis.

During this time she found her role extremely personally fulfilling, helping many mothers who suffered from recurrent miscarriages achieve pregnancy. She also provided a high standard of emotional support and reassurance to mothers worried about their unborn child, helping her develop an understanding and personable manner.

Business Focus

Deciding to prioritise her private business, Pam became full-time with PAMS Pregnancy Ultrasound Centre in 2010. Over this time she has gradually developed the business to deliver a first class service at every level, not only giving accurate, affordable pregnancy scanning, but also meeting the emotional needs of each family. The results she achieves every day in the happy smiles of the people she sees makes PAMS Pregnancy Ultrasound Centre worthwhile.

In 2018, Pam partnered with the Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership to enhance the service she offers to women with reproductive health issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome and fibroids and also couples suffering from infertility and recurrent miscarriages.

She now works closely with the Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership to ensure experienced complementary therapists are always available to offer a guiding hand.

Your Next Step

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