Read what the following PAMS Pregnancy Ultrasound Centre customers have to say about us.

I initially booked a viability scan with Pam when I was just 10 weeks pregnant as I couldn't wait for my hospital scan because I would be nearly 14 weeks by that time! Pam was lovely and friendly and really put my mind at ease as it's such a worrying time in the early stages!!

After I had my 20 week scan I contacted Pam again and booked a 4D scan. Unfortunately on the day of the scan I had had a bleed but on advice of the hospital they told me to continue with the 4D scan and then go on to them for monitoring, understandably I was quite nervous attending my appointment but Pam was able to show me straight away that everything was fine and she then proceeded to compile a report for me to take to the hospital with me once the scan was complete. My little one decided to be a bit shy though… we managed to get some photos after a walk around and fizzy drink but Pam was kind enough to invite me back the following week to see if we could get some better photos.

Overall our experience with Pam was brilliant and we couldn't recommend her enough to anyone thinking of booking a scan with her.

Becky Little

I have 4 children under 5 & can't recommend Pams enough, I have used Pam every time from the moment I found out I was pregnant I booked a scan immediately as I just couldn't wait until 12 weeks & I've used her throughout for gender & 4D scans. With my 3rd pregnancy I'm so lucky I used Pam as at the scan I had a shock surprise I was having twins!

At the time I was very scared & shaken up at the thought of twins as I had a 3 & 4 year old as well but Pam & the lady she works with was absolutely lovely they never ever saw it as a negative and was telling me how amazing it is and how lucky I am, after the scan I was still in shock and they was so kind allowing me to stay there until this news had sunk in, now 10 months on my twins are here & Pam was right I'm obsessed with them!

Throughout the twin pregnancy I had 3 scans with pam which was brilliant for reassurance but in the mean time if I had any problem or concern I would email pam and she would get straight back to me with advise the same day.

I loved having my scans here it's such a lovely experience and so nice to have lovely people to share it with.


We had three early scans with you at 7, 8 and 10 weeks following some complications and having had a previous miscarriage. We appreciated your understanding and kindness so much at this time, along with your professional and reassuring manner. You really did go out of your way to make sure that we were seen extremely quickly and our minds could be put at rest as speedily as possible. Nothing was too much trouble for you. We will be recommending you far and wide. Thank you so much.


We visited Pam during both my pregnancies, for viability and 4D scans. Pam gave us the reassurance that we needed, whilst being professional, informative and generally wonderful. The 4D scans were an amazing experience as the detail is incredible.

Pam is an absolute expert at what she does and I would recommend her services to any family expecting a baby.

Sarah and Peter

Dear Pam,

Many thanks Pam for providing such a fantastic service. Your scan showed a remarkable likeness to baby Alex when he was born and you were correct in your gender prediction. It was wonderful seeing our little chap's face and watching him move on the 4D scan… worth every penny! We would definitely use you again.

Emma and Steve

Dear Pam,

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience of our 3D/4D bonding scan. Seeing our little boy was absolutely thrilling and we even got a smile from him! We have played the DVD so many times I've lost count! You made me feel secure in the professional environment with a lovely personal touch. Will be sending pics when he arrives can't wait to finally meet him!

Claire and Denny

Dear Pam,

It is now almost 7 months after our dear little boy was born and I still treasure the private scan we had with you at around 26 weeks - as you'll remember I arranged the scan as a gift for my parents who had never had the opportunity to have a scan in 'their day' (and also for me to have another sneaky peak at our little baby of course).

My parents and I were absolutely blown away by the technology and the pictures you were able to achieve - and we all thought your explanations and descriptions of what you were scanning were brilliant. It was a lovely, personal and relaxing experience away from the ‘sterile’ impersonal hospital environment and your passion for your work is clear and makes such a difference.

Also, having previously lost a baby to late miscarriage any pregnancy scan had the potential to be a stressful experience for me but you made it a very reassuring, happy and special one. I can’t thank you enough - and I would like to strongly recommend you to anyone who might be thinking about seeing you for a private scan at any stage of pregnancy.

I am absolutely certain that anyone who comes to you for a scan will get the best care possible. If you would like to put this on your website please feel free. I can officially say that Pam is the bees knees! Thanks again.


Dear Pam,

Thanks for the opportunity of 4D scan. Miles and I thought it was very special to get a sneaky peek at our baby. I cant remember my work email, but when I go into work I will leave some comments on the page. Thank you once again for your reassuring manner which helped put two worry-heads minds at ease. Take care.

Leila and Miles

Dear Pam,

Really glad you had a good day. I know it was an amazing experience for us and one I wouldn't have had if it wasn't for you, so thank you very much! Will definitely leave feedback for you on the website. Also saw my midwife yesterday and have passed on the posters and Duncan has taken the leaflets to his work. If I can be of use again as a practice client would be more than willing to oblige! Am not working now so available most days! If I don't hear from you again I wish you all the luck in the world and will recommend you to anyone that will listen! Best wishes.

Ella and Duncan

Dear Pam,

Firstly... your leaflet looks great! Some lovely pictures on there and seems simple to understand. David and I would like to wish you all the best for your new venture! Please feel happy to include this quote on your website if it is useful to you.

It was a remarkable to see our unborn baby in 4D! Pam's professionalism and reassurance made the whole experience definitely one to remember. Even though the 4D scan is not a medical examination it gave my husband and I another chance to see our baby and Pam was able to show us how it was growing. The scan takes place in a quiet, homely room. It does not feel like a hospital so it is more relaxing. A fascinating experience! Best Wishes.

Amelia and David

Dear Pam,

Can't thank you enough for our wonderful 3D scanning experience - you were so calm, kind and positive! Couldn't believe cheeky Baby Howe had his/her hands over her eyes and was sticking his/her tongue out too... is this a sign of things to come?! Thank you for allowing us to return to see if we could catch a glimpse of the face... and low and behold, we did! Such a special and precious moment, something we will treasure for a long while to come. The scanning facility is amazing and a really fascinating experience - we feel very lucky to be able to have had it.

Only just over two weeks to go now and we can't believe it - just dying for the first cuddle! A real shame not to see the sex of the little one, but yet again he/she did not want to 'play ball' with legs firmly crossed.

Thank you for your patience and lovely manner with us. Sabrina is a real credit to you too and we wish her lots of luck in her medical studies - she'll be great.

Sarah and Nick

Dear Pam,

I should be saying thank-you to you really. It was a wonderful experience seeing our little girl. It has definitely helped Jimmy to bond with her more. The pics are great on the DVD and I have been showing everyone, they are very impressed! Thanks again and best wishes.

Naomi and Jimmy